M E D I A . E X P O S U R E



Memories of my travels are both vivid and diverse. One such example is my African trip. Whether I was at the equator shops in Nanyuki, Kenya or at the flea market in Johannesburg, South Africa or on the island of Zanzibar I met indigenous people who were warm and friendly, eager to trade and barter with me for T-shirts, hats, scarves and costume or silver jewelry. Africa carried me back into another dimension of time, with the lush green hills of Mt. Kenya in the background set against a sun drenched blue sky and exotic wildlife roaming freely in many areas of Nanyuki. Being far removed from civilization was exhilarating; I felt unencumbered and free while I gathered ebony carvings, amber beads, beautiful beadwork and unique vintage pieces. On the island of Zanzibar the stark contrast of old Stone Town, constructed hundreds of years ago, with the tropical blue waters, swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches heightened my discovery of rich green malachite carvings, beads and bracelets, deep


blue lapis beads and colorful sea shells. In Johannesburg, South Africa a fiery orange and red sun reflected intense rays of light and colors across the African plains during sunset and mirrored my acquisition of vintage red and orange coral beads found at the local flea market.

Though the people I encountered have different cultures and languages, I never found geographical barriers to be a problem in making new friends. A wonderful and educated Maasai warrior I met in Nairobi is now a pen pal. As in all my travels I return home with amazing experiences and marvelous treasures for my personal collection and new designs.

I use my wealth of knowledge and exposure to the world to design jewelry that is as unique as the women wearing my creations.

SAW • All handmade pieces by Sharon A. Williams