M E D I A . E X P O S U R E



"Thanks for giving me an extra "boost" this week and becoming our first national member."

- Tracy Higginbotham, President and Founder of Women TIES


Women of the Week
Sharon A. Williams                          Lynda Krause
Jewelry Designer                             Park City, LLC
Los Angeles, California                   Salt Lake City, UT

Dreaming big has always been one of my beliefs. A couple weeks ago my Women TIES dream grew unexpectedly when two women entrepreneurs, one from California and one from Utah asked to join the organization. Having always been a person who believes in being more inclusive than exclusive, I jumped at the notion of having Women TIES branch out nationally because of their interest in promoting their companies to women entrepreneurs in New York State.


Today's Women of the Week are Sharon A. Williams, Jewelry Designer from Los Angeles, California and Lynda Krause, Owner of luxury ski-in/ski out accommodations, from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am honored to include them among our organization. Click on the link below to learn alittle bit more about them. The next time you are looking for beautiful jewelry or a relaxing location for a trip out west, consider doing business with these new members.


As entrepreneurs, we must always remember to open ourselves up to new hopes and dreams. You never know what lies around the next corner. Dream on.

SAW • All handmade pieces by Sharon A. Williams