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Refined “Earth Jewelry” that Reflects the Sky and unique Cultures Is the Specialty of Designer Sharon A. Williams

Sharon A. Williams absorbs the inspiration for her striking jewelry designs from the earth’s natural elements and her travels to distant lands--some exotic and bizarre—such as Columbia and Zanzibar, Mayotte and Madagascar, Macau and Bora Bora. Others are better known and comfortably understood: England and France, Sanibel Island, Bermuda, Greece and Mexico.

In these places, Williams, a freelance interior designer and art consultant and the former manager of two galleries, is instinctively guided to the treasures she needs for her passion, jewelry design. She creates pieces that make an impact on the observer, as well as the wearer. She makes a statement about the sheer beauty of the minerals, woods, antique beads and fabrics available everywhere on the planet that mirror the customs and cultures of its origins. For example, the vintage red and orange coral beads found in a local flea market, which reflected the fiery sunsets on the plains of South Africa; or the shell collections, batik, paintings, silk tapestries, vintage crystal, pearls and leather gathered on the many islands of the Caribbean. “The healing thread of wearing natural materials and minerals reminds us of the beauty of our planet and the imperative


need for a peaceful existence,” Williams commented. These are the stuff that dreams, and fine jewelry, are made of. Gather them up; bring them home, along with antique fittings and findings, and get to work.

In 1995, the gallery she was managing closed and she came to one of life’s impasses. “What do I do now? I didn’t know what to do with my life,” Williams remembered. “I also had a real estate background, but I didn’t want to go back to that. Not that…not corporate, what?

Several friends urged her to read “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron, whom she later met. It was a revelation. “It was like the universe hit me over the head.” She decided to follow her passion, and while she has never regretted the choice, “It has been a tough hoe,” she remarked, “especially in this economy. I have to keep designing and keep learning,” she noted. “I rely on my observations and the pictures that form in my mind.” She also receives inspiration from her two feline friends – Melissa, a gray and white fur ball, and the mysterious Nepenthe, a big, black cat whose name is derived from the Greek, “to heal.”

Williams haunts antique shops, etc. When she finds something interesting, it may lead her to create a piece or set that is antique, vintage, contemporary, or a mix of all of them. ”They are all one-of-a-kind. Natural materials have their own design, a compelling design. I use my knowledge and exposure to the world to design jewelry that is as unique as the woman wearing my creations.”

November 2002
By Georgine Loveland

SAW • All handmade pieces by Sharon A. Williams