M E D I A . E X P O S U R E

Concept of Individuality

by Lisa Alexander for CRU magazine

Sharon A. Williams, Designer for S.A.W., says “My pieces are for a woman, who likes to adorn herself in total luxury in a completely unique way…” She giggles as she says that. When asked why, she says, “It’s because that is how I feel, when I wear the pieces I design. It’s absolutely empowering. Madonna sang it in the early 90’s, with Express Yourself”. She smiles and gives me a raised eyebrow. I smiled back with an embrace of complete understanding.

As a woman, I think it is my responsibility to express individuality and state a strong and a unique voice. This is what Sharon’s jewelry did for me. From the moment you touch it you feel the inspiration that went into each piece, the stones used include Czech and Austrian crystal, Japanese Ivory, and Turquoise from her travels around the world. You can feel the weight and the texture in each piece. Each piece is made for the individual. This is exactly what she does. She makes customized jewelry for YOU and ONLY YOU….

Sharon describes her work best when she says, “The essence of my work lies in the concept of individuality, made to evoke a woman's sense of herself will take with me…. “A woman has the confidence of knowing that when she wears my jewelry, the pieces are as distinct as she is.” Honestly, I couldn’t have said it any better than that.


Photography Vaunn Yevo

Featuring Jewelry by Sharon A. William's S.A.W. Collection in the UPSWING, CRU magazine's March/April of 2006 issue (featuring Paris Hilton on the cover)

SAW • All handmade pieces by Sharon A. Williams