SAW is the nomenclature I give to my creations. I design and hand make one of a kind pieces of jewelry, all of which are unique in appearance and texture. They are a labor of love and expression; a reflection of the soul. I create my jewelry from what I envision rather than following particular styles and trends.

The essence of my work lies in the concept of individuality, made to evoke a woman's sense of herself - her personality. character, strength, femininity and mood. Every piece is created to enhance the natural beauty of the entire body, reflecting an eclectic mix ranging from gold, diamonds, and precious stones to silver, coral, amber, turquoise, crystals and pearls, just to name a few.

Sharon A. Williams portrait - photography by Vaunn Yevo

My worldwide travels enable me to acquire innumerable treasures of antiquity and vintage heritage, as well as new items which result in the creation of wearable art pieces.

Custom designs and redesigning of existing jewelry are also available. My hallmark signature is a gold or silver disc stamped with my initials.

A woman has the confidence of knowing that when she wears S.A.W. jewelry, the pieces are as distinct as she is.

Sharon A. Williams – Jewelry Designer (310.477.7497)

Photo by Vaunn Yevo
Malibu Beach, California


SAW • All handmade pieces by Sharon A. Williams